You know, bread is the bane of any carbohydrate counter.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not still a favorite. I think most carbohydrate dieters go straight for the bread when they can. Or ice cream. But ice cream is a whole nother subject (see ‘A Cool Idea’, the Jul 30th, ’22 blog)

Cinnamon rolls are my biggest downfall. Or at least, in the bread world, they are. I have many others. 🙂

Any new town I arrive in, I start looking for cinnamon rolls, and try to track where to get the best ones. There are some odd places, sometimes. The secret cinnamon roll place in Wenatchee is Godfather’s Pizza, btw. A few months ago, I’d have included Sure to Rise bakery, but now that they’re not in Wenatchee anymore, I have to leave them off the list. Of course, they have a location in Cashmere. Just sayin’.

When we go on vacation in Maui, one of the things we look forward to (yes, besides the beach and the fact that it’s 40 degrees warmer there than here) is “The Cinnamon Roll Place”. Man, they can make cinnamon rolls. And the local folks know it. Sometimes the line stretches out into the parking lot.

So, why is this? Why is bread so important?

Well, I guess it starts out that wheat, being high carbohydrate means it packs a punch for its size. And wheat stores pretty well, and also when you make flour from wheat, that also stores pretty well. For people who needed to survive a winter, having something you could store for months at a time was necessary, since otherwise you only made it halfway through winter before you didn’t have to worry about food anymore.

Bread, in its simplest form is pretty much just flour and water. At that point you come up with tortillas, and that’s a very nice thing to wrap other things in. Pretty much anything, really. Makes it more portable and adds to the carb count. Which is important when you still have to get out there and work hard on those frozen cold mornings.

Of course, not being ever willing to leave well enough alone, humans started adding stuff to flour and water. Yeast to puff it up, sugar to make it more palatable, different shapes, different ways to cook it.

Back to cinnamon rolls. They’ve been around a LONG time, and seem to have started out in the Scandinavian countries. Pretty much just a big tortilla (with yeast added) and slop on some topping (butter, brown sugar, raisins for us heathens) and roll it all up in a tube. Then cut it into slices and fit them into a baking pan. Bake, throw some MORE sugar on top in the form of icing and eat. Preferably while it’s still warm.

So, where are you getting your cinnamon rolls this morning? You have a favorite place?

May be an image of cinnamon roll and sweet roll

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