I have to say, I don’t really care about cheese that much. I mean, it’s there. It has its uses, like on pizza, for instance. In fact, pizza without cheese just sounds weird. But that’s also mozzarella, which is a kind of cheese that’s pretty much only used in baking. Or at least that’s how I see it. Great melting point, doesn’t get crusty, stays pretty good even after being refrigerated.

My dad loved cheese. All kinds of cheese. In fact, back in the 70’s he belonged to a Cheese of the Month Club. He’d get a little package of cheese every month and there’d be some sort of weird cheese in it, and he’d chortle over it and eat it. Some of it was pretty disgusting, really. At least to me, being a non-cheese addict.

My wife is actually about on the same page as me, but she has a real aversion to most cheeses. Not that she doesn’t like cheese, but it’s specific kinds of cheese that she likes. She hates parmesan cheese, for instance. Anything that might even have parmesan cheese, or anything of the ‘stinky cheese’ variety – right out. She likes the Pepper Jack. I’m opposed to anything with spices in it, so Pepper Jack is something I avoid.

However, through all this cheese has some interesting things attached to it. I mean, so far as things like celebrations and stuff. A few highlights:

Gloucestershire England has a contest – the roll a giant cheese ball down a hill and twenty at a time people try to beat the cheese down the hill. Evidently it’s dangerous as people wind up with various injuries, probably from trying to run downhill to fast. “As you wiiiiiiiiiishhh…”

You may or may not know that June 4th is “National Cheese Day” in which all peoples of this great nation come together to celebrate cheese.

In Plymouth, WI, they have the annual cheese drop – same thing as the famous ball drop on New Years Eve in New York, but this one is a cheese wedge. A huge one.

So, that’s about it. Go spray some bacon flavored cheez whiz on a cracker and don’t forget next June to celebrate cheese! Or today. Today, at least here, you’ll be able to take some cheese out and put it on the porch and watch it slowly turn to a puddle of grease. (expected to be mid 90’s today, one of the cooler days in the upcoming week)

Also, what kind of cheese do YOU like? Or hate?