I’m pretty well invested in the new Jane Bond story. I didn’t make a lot of headway while on vacation, but I got a very significant start – I’m about 20% in right now. Spoiler warning, if you haven’t read Jane, you should bypass this.

A clip:

“You look fabulous, Olive! I love the hair!”

She simpered, “Thanks. I like your hair color and decided to make mine like yours.” She added mischievously, “With a little more style, of course.”

I turned to Bailey, “What do you thi … “

Bailey was sitting in her seat with a vacant look in her eyes.

I frowned. “Olive, I think we broke Bailey. Can we get those drinks and see if she revives?”

Olive nodded and a shelf slid out of the console, and two drinks appeared on it. They were in perfect glasses with the just the right amount of sweat running off them onto coasters that were printed with, “Mos Eisley Cantina – Where Nobody Knows Your Name.”

Bailey seemed to perk up a little at the sight of the drink and gulped it down. “Another please,” she gasped.

I grabbed the coaster as a souvenir and another drink appeared on the shelf, with another coaster which this time had a picture of the original Enterprise on it. Printed around the bottom was the legend “NCC-1701”. I took my drink and sipped it as Bailey took a little more time with her second drink.

She finally appeared to come to herself a bit and said “Wow, you know how to show a girl a good time.”