Once upon a time I read a book named “Eat This, Not That”. It was about the alternatives to different foods, like they might show a cheeseburger from some major company that wound up with like twelve million calories, and then they’d show one from the same menu or a competitor and with half the calories.

It was kinda preachy, but all in all not a bad place to start. I mean, my personal dieting style is to eat whatever I want, but to have the discipline of not eating much of it. Have some big drippy pizza, but only have one slice instead of four.

Same with cookies and that kind of stuff – you really want a handful of cookies, but the reality is that the real taste of the cookie is in the first bite or two, and after that, it’s really just food. Try it some time and you’ll see what I mean. A beautiful hamburger, first bite is heaven, second is really good, third is good, every other bite after that is just adding food and calories, you’re really not enjoying it that much.

Now, this blog isn’t really about food. I know, I have you fooled so far.

This blog is about things like Kindles and books, and why you might like one but not the other. And I have found that people pretty much like one or the other. There’s no real middle ground.

It’s also pretty subjective. I mean, people seem to have varying emotional reasons for using a Kindle. I’ll show you mine, you can show me yours later. 🙂

So, I use my Kindle partly because I read SO many books. At the rate of two or three books a week, I’d not only have to have an extra house to keep my books in, I’d have to pay for all those. Even at garage sale pricing (which books are harder to come by than they used to be) it’d be quite a commitment. So, as it is, I keep all my books with me, I can read any of them at any time, I can read them in the sun or the shade and I never have to throw them away or try to find a way to give them away.

That’s not to say that I don’t still have books. I have probably around a thousand books on my shelves. Mostly series of books that I’ll never be able to afford to buy duplicates of on Kindle.

Now, another subject that’s right on the edge of this same one – do you like your computer in desktop flavor, laptop or phone? Or some ungodly combination of all three?

I suppose most of us have gotten to the point of using all three in various situations, but I’d be willing to wager that most of you have a favorite and you can’t really understand why anyone would use either of the other two without being forced into it.

Myself, I use my desktop for everything. If I have to be forced into it, I will use a laptop if I’m at a customer site and need access to their network and they don’t have a spare computer for me to make use of. I do use my phone for looking up internet facts or the like if I’m someplace and need the information.. Oh, and I use my phone for making phone calls. I know, go figure. From that standpoint, though, I also prefer to text rather than make a phone call.

So, in closing, do you use a Kindle? Do you use a Laptop? Do you check the calorie content on foods?

Oh, squirrel! I use an app called “Lose It!” on my phone to look up calorie/carbohydrate counts on foods. It works great – if you ever need such a thing.