Sitting watching the sunset. Tonight’s especially amazing as lines and shapes cover the entire horizon, each moving through the lightest of yellows to finally the darkest of rose.

Of course, I’ve mentioned in past blogs my thought that it takes a storm or at least an unsettled sky to make a good sunset. And how that a pure and cloudless sky seldom makes any kind of sunset, just as a pure and cloudless life would be very boring.

When I was a kid, I read “The Phantom Tollbooth”, in which Milo (among other things he got into) winds up accidentally conducting a sunrise. It goes faster and faster until an entire week has gone by in just a few minutes. The final description always gets me, as Milo finally exhaustedly drops his hands to his sides and brings it all to a finish. Night has returned. Time for day to begin once again.

And it does. Day always begins again.

It’s very easy to forget in the midst of darkness that day always comes, that night is always vanquished, that light always triumphs over un-light

In the Harry Dresden, Wizard stories, Harry speaks of, and experiences, the dawn breaking. A wave of sunlight moves across the world. All the overnight enchantments are gone, the undead are put back to rest, the vampires are tucked safely in their coffins and us regular folk are allowed out to play again

Always remember that darkness is not a thing unto itself, it’s simply the absence of light. That evil is not a thing, it’s the absence of good.

That lettuce and tomato are not a thing, they’re simply the absence of bacon.