Jane goes live at midnight on the Speculative Fiction Showcase – https://indiespecfic.blogspot.com/ so go take a look. I mean, it’s just what you’d see on Jane’s Amazon page, but it’s so much more better! A snippet from “Lacey and Alex” – coming this spring. Or summer .. –Lacey and Alex return from a visit to the morgue – this is the next scene — We pulled up in front of my apartment building, hopped out of the taxi, and went in. As we got near the door, I could hear the phone ringing inside. I managed to get the door open and dashed in to grab the phone. “Hello?” Renny’s voice, “Hey. I see you never did get a real phone.” Slightly wounded. “This IS a real phone. I just hate having a leash.” I could hear the grin in her voice, “Not always. But, this isn’t about that. You still short a TV?” “Uh huh. Can’t see the point in that either.” “Well, if you had a TV you could turn on channel 24 and look at the party going on downtown. It’s a great party, lots of celebrities, local personages, political hacks, Evelyn Weintraub .. “ I blinked. “I thought you had Evelyn Weintraub on a slab.” “I do. Or at least I have someone that looks just like the Evelyn Weintraub that’s walking around the stage downtown right now.” “What, twins or something?” “Not according to the internet, which you could also look up if you had a computer. Can I call you a luddite yet? Anyhow, she’s supposedly an only child. And her mom’s sister doesn’t have any other kids anywhere close to that age. And if they were, both of them are boys to boot. I just stood there in silence for a minute. “Ok, thanks for letting me know, Ren. Are you planning on doing anything about it?” “Well, we’re notifying next of kin right now. But, all things considered, I’m not sure what to do. I mean, she looks very much alive. It’s going to be a bit of a shock for someone – like her – to come in here and see herself. Dead.” She sighed. “I’ll let the bosses know, let them handle it. This is why it’s nice NOT to be the ME. Assuming she comes in, I’ll swab some DNA for comparison. If she doesn’t, I suppose I’ll have to send someone out to track her down and do it. Honestly though, I feel like I should hear the “Twilight Zone” music in the background.” I nodded, as if she could hear my head rattle, thanked her, and hung up. I looked at Alex. She said, “Evelyn Weintraub is alive?” I shook my head in puzzlement. “Yes and no. Apparently the body is resting comfortably at 1 Newhall, but Evelyn is at a party right now and she’s pretty active for a dead person.

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