So, what IS fashionable? Just about everything cycles on some kind of curve from year to year, from decade to decade, right?

Jane got a kitchen makeover not that long ago, and she and Cai were discussing whether, a few years from now, her choices would be mocked by some fashionable reality show.

So, are some things always fashionable, or do they all cycle?

Jane had black tile and stainless steel put in, all her appliances are stainless steel. Now, that’s more or less a current fashion choice, and it’s pretty inoffensive, really. But is that because we’re conditioned to like current fashion and twenty years from now we’ll look at that as ugly and dated? I suspect we will. 

Remember “Harvest Gold” and “Turquoise” and “Copper” appliances? Remember how wonderful formica was when it arrived? Would you have a Harvest Gold refrigerator, now? And, of course, is there a time when Harvest Gold will be back in again? Probably.

Pink and black? I’m not so sure about that, but it’s not impossible.

What about clothing? I can’t remember ever seeing a clothing style that consisted of torn and ragged apparel. Am I wrong? Was there a time in the twelfth century when it was all the rage, and the ‘in thing’?

I don’t really watch fashion that closely, but I do know that ‘low rise’ jeans are out. That having pants that ride along at the ‘cleavage’ level are not so much around anymore. 

Still, I’ve also seen limited engagements of bell bottoms.

Do we just forget? What have you forgotten?

Or maybe more to the point, what do you want to see come back, or what do you never want to see again?